River & Lake Dry Flies

A great range of year round dry trout fishing flies including many classic patterns for fishing all of your rivers and lakes.

Duckfly Dry  1.85 GBP
CDC Olive Dun  1.95 GBP
Caenis  1.95 GBP
Packie's Ant  1.75 GBP
Olive Dun Dry  1.75 GBP
Klinkhammer Yellow  1.95 GBP
Sherry Spinner  1.75 GBP
Griffith's Gnat  1.85 GBP
Klinkhammer Tan  1.85 GBP
Klinkhammer Red  1.85 GBP
Hawthorn Fly  1.85 GBP
Grey Duster  1.85 GBP
Foam Beetle  1.85 GBP
F Fly (Trotter)  1.7 GBP
Dark Olive Dun Dry  1.95 GBP
Compara Dun Olive  1.95 GBP
Blue Winged Olive  1.85 GBP
Adam's (Parachute)  1.95 GBP
Cluster (Moss)  1.95 GBP
Carrot Fly  1.5 GBP

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